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Sunday - Saturday
11:00AM - 8:00PM

Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend


1. Adult Track - MUST BE 10 years old and 54 inches tall to ride. If you don't meet those requirements you can ride as a passenger
2. No bumping, swerving, or cutting off
3. Keep hands and feet inside the kart at all times.
4. Keep seat belt on at all times
5. Do not get out of the kart unless instructed to
6. Keep both hands on steering wheel at all times.
7. Electornics devices are not allowed on the ride
8. No rough housing or foul language allowed
9. Flip Flops are allowed but should be removed while driving
10. Bells and lights mean the end of the ride. Return to pit slowly one at a time. Do not hit the kart infront of you & stay seated until told to get up
11. Hair longer than shoulder length MUST be tied up in a bun
12. While in the pit area you must remain seated with your seatbelt on.
13. All drivers msut follow all rules. You will be warned once. The second time, you will be removed from the ride without a refund.
14. Hitting any other kart on the track or in the pit at the end of the ride will result in your removal and or not being allowed to return

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